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Clutter represents deferred decisions.

Let's make those decisions together, so you can experience life clutter-Free!

Drab to Fab Organizing can help you declutter and maximize the space in any area, from Attics to Basements, home offices to storage units, coat closets to Laundry rooms, and everything in between! If your Kitchen cupboards are driving you crazy or your pantry makes no sense, Elise can create organizational systems to fit your needs. Maybe it's your mudroom and play area that need attention, she will work with you and the entire family, so that by the time your work together is done, there are sustainable systems in place that fit your individualized needs and work for everyone.

How it Works

  1. Call to schedule your complimentary on-site Consultation
  2. Consultation: During the Consultation Elise will listen to your organizational challenges and goals. Assess your needs by touring your home, taking before photos to assist with planning & track your progress, and by questions regarding use of space, household routines, existing structure/tools (i.e. containers, closet systems, etc.).
  3. Determination of FitElise values connection and upholds the high ethical standards of the professional organizing trade and thus will only serve clients with needs she feels she can adequately address. Elise specializes in assisting busy individuals and families with mild to moderate levels of disorganization & clutter, who are highly motivated to participate in the organizational process, and can comfortably afford to pay for assistance.  Additionally, it is important that you feel comfortable working with Elise, understand that you are under no obligation to proceed past the consultation and if at anytime you determine you are unable to proceed, you will only be responsible for the time worked up to that determination.
  4. Booking your 1st SessionOnce the choice has been made to proceed and both parties agree we are a fit, your first session will be scheduled. Payment will be collected if you are purchasing a package, otherwise will be due upon completion of each session.  The only other fees include: a cancellation fee of $60 if under 24 hours notice and a credit card processing fee of %5 if not paying with check or cash. 

Ongoing Assistance

Elise understands that new behavior takes time, practice, and on-going support. For this reason, she offers "tune-up" services for clients who want to maintain organization and remain clutter-free. Additionally, after 10 hours of organizing assistance with Elise you are eligible for the other support services she offers.


The support and expertise required to Get & STAY Organized is not only worth the expense, but will actually save, and can even earn,  you money in the long run! 

When the scope of your organizational needs includes multiple rooms and you desire organization throughout most of your home , Elise recommends her Fabulous Foundation Package. This package includes 10 hours of customized professional organizing  assistance,  a complimentary follow-up visit within the first 30 days following completion, to ensure your satisfaction and make any necessary adjustments to the organizational systems implemented, and qualifies you to receive the additional services Drab to Fab Organizing offers, such as Tune-up sessions to maintain your systems and Personal Assisting services to keep you on track. The benefits of purchasing the Fabulous Foundation package include: ample time (for most projects) to accomplish your organizing goals, installation of the structures & tools you need to remain clutter free, as well as, built in accountability and satisfaction assurance with the complimentary follow-up visit and access to additional services.

Professional Organizing
  • $60 per hour
  • Personal Assistant/
    Concierge services*
    $35 per hour
  • Moving/Renovation Preparations*
    $35 per hour
  • Home sale listing Prep & Redesign Services*
    $35 per hour
  • Tune-up Services**
    $35 per hour
Discount Package & Rates
  • Fabulous Foundation
  • Monthly Tune-ups/
    $30 per hour
  • Monthly Tune-ups/
    $25 per hour

*There is a prerequisite of at least 10 hours of organizing with Elise before these services are offered & available to purchase

**Tune-up services are only available within 90 days of project completion and eligibility will be determined following on-site observation. 

All Discount Packages & rates require payment up front.