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Drab to Fab Organizing featured on CNN Living

Professional Organizer Elise Marinos, was featured on CNN Living for her work with award-winning reporter, Jessica Ravitz, who had her office Drab to Fab’d as part of her New Year’s Resolution.

My work life is profoundly different, and I have you to thank! — Jessica R., CNN Writer/Producer

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Tame Your Bedroom Wild-Things: Maintain Organization

Many things in life require maintenance, and the more important things in life like our relationships, health, and happiness deserve the most attention. If we let these elements in our lives slip by-without proper care-they’re bound to grow out of proportion, and become, well, problematic. (And who wants that?)             

The same is true with our homes, when we neglect the small, and easily manageable projects they grow into oversized *wild-things* on our backs (and not the good kind). Maintenance is simple, but it takes discipline on our part, which often is the most common obstacle we have to overcome.

Consider our bedrooms, when we get lazy they fill up with unfolded laundry, paper-work from the office, outdated magazines, stuff that needs to be stored, and other various items that don’t belong.

 And what happens when our bedrooms are out of commission? (Well you know, everything falls apart, there’s no sleep, no rest, no romance, and therefore our health, happiness and love lives suffer) I may be getting carried away… :)

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